General servicing for your vehicle is important for the protection and maintenance of your car. Our general service includes oil and filter checks, cooling system service, air conditioning check, fuel/air induction cleanup and a power steering flush.

Oil and Oil Filter Check

We recommend changing your vehicles oil and oil filter every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

Cooling System Service
Our technicians will flush your cooling system, give it a pressure test, check the hoses, cap and then check its connection.

Air Conditioning Service
One of our trained technicians will inspect your car's air conditioner, evaporator and compressor for leaks and wear. 

Fuel/Air Induction Cleanup
Our technicians will clean intake manifold, ports, intake valves, and combustion chambers using our specialized equipment.

Power Steering Flush
Using a powerful cleaner our technicians will flush old, worn-out contaminated fluid and install new fluid that contains special antioxidant and anti-wear ingredients.